Pose 2 Universal Tablet Stand

Backpack protection and viewing angles.

The Pose 2 is our second generation Pose stand. Made of clear polycarbonate and with a more relaxed viewing angle it is stackable, durable and allows your tablet to be used or viewed in several different positions. The Pose 2 was designed for schools and is stable enough to prop or type on almost any tablet device. It works with 7" and 10" tablets, iPad, and iPad Mini, and fits most rugges cases including Uzibull, Griffin, Otterbox, and GumDrop.


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  • Pose2-back
  • Pose2-front
  • Pose2-stacked
  • Pose2-airwave
  • Pose2-airwave2

Works Great with Almost any Tablet or Tablet Case

We designed the Pose 2 to fit almost any tablet or iPad case, even thicker rugged cases from Uzibull, Griffin, Otterbox, and GumDrop..

Comfortable Viewing and Typing Angles

The Pose 2 stand offers several angles for typing or viewing in landscape or portrait modes. You can rotate it to discover new positions that work well with your device. Hard rubber sides allows the Pose 2to rest gently on any surface.

Great for Any Room or Classroom

The Pose 2 is beautifully crafted and stylishly curved. It goes great in any room in your home. It's discreet appearance cradles your iPad and makes the perfect addition to your Apple TV. In the classroom it stacks well after use.