Chubby Cubby

The most fun your iPad Mini will have

Chubby Cubby for iPad Mini bounces, cushions and protects. The Cubby is self-standing and also has a backpack that doubles as a convenient typing angle prop.

Toss it, drop it...Chubby Cubby is made from easy to clean EVA foam rubber (without the use of PVC, so it is a non-toxic, friendly material)


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It Bounces

Drop Cubby from 3 feet, 5 feet, 10 feet... and it just bounces, protecting the fragile iPad Mini inside. Chubby Cubby is made from a soft, very lightweight EVA foam material which is easy to grasp and comfortable for any size hands to hold.

Stands or Props for Typing

Chubby Cubby stands on it`s own in landscape orientation. The removable backpack allows for a comfortable typing angle and when removed offers more areas to grab and carry it along.

Easy to clean

The surface of Cubby is smooth and a breeze to wash with simple dish soap and warm water. Chubby Cubby will last for years and keep your iPad Mini well protected long into the future.

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