AirWave iPad Mini

Rugged and Lightweight Protection for iPad Mini

The AirWave case for iPad Mini is snug fitting and has great corner protection. It was designed to be able to handle a drop onto a hard floor from waist height.

Using the same "rib and cell" protection features of the Ekto+ case, the AirWave Mini offers the highest durability relative to it`s weight of any iPad Mini case.


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Great Fit and Finish

The AirWave case for iPad Mini is made from cushiony and smooth silicone for a great feel. Similar to it`s big brother, the AirWave Mini employs an array of ribs on it's interior to absorb shocks and give it a degree of bounce. These ribs also serve to channel the sound to the front of the case for louder and clearer audio.

Slim and Lightweight

The AirWave Mini is 5/8" thick allowing it to fit it Bretford, Anthro, Datamation, Ergotron and other top carts. It weighs only 6 ounces, yet has extra interior, exterior, and corner protection from the strategic use of medium density silicone.

Extra Protection Where it Matters.

The AirWave for iPad Mini has covered home, volume, and power buttons for better response and the perimeter of the screen is raised to give in “lay on the table” protection. All four corners are reinforced with extra material. On the back the ribs offer both grip and protection, yet the middle of the back is left open to expose asset tags.

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