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iPad Protection for Your School
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Uzibull makes iPad cases for some of the top school districts in the country by providing rugged protection at a price point that makes sense for most school budgets. We at Uzibull are also working with schools like yours to make sure that you get iPad protection that's tailored to your needs.

Proven Protection
Our Ekto protective cases are currently protecting iPads in hundreds of schools within top school districts from San Diego to Hartford. While iPad breakage in folio style cases and foldable covers has approached 10% in some schools, the Ekto case has had ZERO reported breakages of iPads under its protection.
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At Uzibull we specialize in cushiony ipad cases and helpful attachments for the iPad. It's really all that we do, so we'd like to hear your feedback, integrate your ideas, and provide solutions that benefit your students and save your school $$$.
Something Special
The protection provided by the Ekto case has been handy for kids with special needs. We've also listened to the requests of several educators and integrated several unique ways to attach, prop or mount the iPad.
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"We have not had any breakage on any of our (330) iPads thus far in your cases! Very pleased and recommending them to every school district I talk to who is implementing iPads."

Adam Creasy | Director of Technology
East Lycoming School District

"For one class we put the Uzibull Ekto2 case on 15 iPads and a folio case on 15 iPads. We had 4 broken iPads with the folio case and none with the Ekto2"

Joel T. Handler, Director of Technology
Hillsborough Board of Education

"We've gone an entire year with iPads in every classroom grades Pre-K-5 and not one was damaged with these protective covers"

Sharon Nagy-Johnson, Director of Instructional Technology
Springfield Public Schools